Hester Street Fair’s “We Started Here” Event

In its tenth year, Hester Street Fair has “empowered pursuits of passion” by combining the support of the local community and visitors with small businesses and in turn creating a unique and unforgettable weekly market. “We Started Here” is one of the Saturday market events to celebrate and commemorate the businesses and vendors who began their ventures at Hester Street Fair. Throughout the past 10 years, 100s of small businesses have began and flourished at Hester Street and the number continues to rise each year. 

There is great importance in shopping at and supporting local businesses because in turn they become a staple in fostering and upholding a stable and unique community. More than often, local businesses have genuine care for their customers, the local economy and their surrounding environment, so the investment is well worth it.

Recognize these two? Christina Ha and Simon Tung, of Macaron Parlor, started their venture at Hester Street Fair in 2010 and it has grown exponentially ever since, becoming one of NYC’s favorite macaron and treat shop. 


Other vendors who started with us…

Kopitiam, Pilot Kombucha, Petee’s Pie, La New Yorkina, CMYLook, Noona’s Ice Cream, Ginjan, Gordo’s Cantina, Cheeky’s Sandwiches, Dandy Farmer, Bodega Rose, Arancini Bros, and The Fat Radish.

Hear from the vendors themselves…

Fany Gerson of La Newyorkina:

What made you decide to start your own business?

Fany Gerson:A desire to share part of my culture and the amazing traditions”


What about Hester Street Fair?

Fany Gerson: “Hester street fair and La Newyorkina started at the same time. I was looking for a place where I could sell paletas and a friend read about this fair that was about to start, applied and luckily got in”


Anything else you would like to say about Hester Street Fair?

Fany Gerson: “I feel grateful we started there as it adds such a great sense of community. I am still close to the friends I made, that were either vendors or customers and that’s very special”

Julian Plyter of Melt Bakery 

What made you decide to start your own business?

Julian Plyter: I wanted to take a concept from vision to completion, and I noted that there was a niche in the market that wasn’t filled, so we set forth!


What about Hester Street Fair?

Julian Plyter: We chose HSF as a launchpad because it was local to us, and because of the great press and accessibility of the market. HSF made it very easy to launch our concept and see what the market could do with us.

Robert Paredez of Petee’s Pie Company

What made you decide to start your own business?

Robert Paredez: “We decided to start our own business because I was looking to invest in a business right around the time me and Petra started dating. Her parents have operated a pie business in Virginia for decades. Petra grew up in the business and knows all the ins and outs. We both knew that that type of business would do well up here (NYC) and we both mutually and spontaneously agreed to do it.”


What about Hester Street Fair?

Robert Paredez: “We actually found a storefront before we started selling at street fairs. We wanted to get our name out to the neighborhood as well get some good experience in before opening the doors. Hester Street ended up being just a few blocks from our store (61 Delancey) and the people who ran the fair were sweet and excited to have us. We were at the fair every weekend, as well as other various Hester St related events around the city. It was a lot of fun and we sold lots of pies. Hester Street Fair provided us with an invaluable service before opening and continues to be a wonderful presence in the neighborhood.”

Hannah Bae of Noona’s Ice Cream: On July 16th, 2016, we set up a stand at Hester Street Fair and took part in their annual ice cream contest. We won best flavor with our signature Toasted Rice ice cream, and it’s absolutely amazing to look back on these 3 years and see our creativity and dreams come to life and hold a sense of belonging”

“Since we popped up at the fair, it has helped bring in new clients who would not have found us otherwise, and we have been able to connect with so many amazing people in the duration of one day for the first time ever. It has also helped raise our presence on Instagram and now we have more traction to make sales in the future.” -Khadijah Ali, Golden Goddess

In 2019, it is apparent that there is a great necessity for new and growing businesses to have an online presence. Although, we have seen, that over it’s course, Hester Street Fair has proven to be a very defining launch point for so many local businesses in the beginning of their journey. This combined with their online shops and presences has helped facilitate a beneficial starting point for them to then expand and find their path. 

Here is a list of the small businesses that have launched in 2019, and started with us, at Hester Street Fair. Catch them in the park this Saturday, August 17th, 2019 11am-6pm:

Herbs Fit Life, Popped, Luxureyes, Caposhi Vintage, Dash of Pep, Maxpack, D’Lissh, Avocraydo, Summer Squeeze, Mixto Tacos, Muz Muz, Diamanté Vintage, CC’s Pastry Imporium, Scoops by Em, Sian Streetfood and Tata Mischa Bakery