Vendor Highlight: Effie Bone Studio

Effie Bones‘ work is astounding— and this is before you’ve realized dabbling in the practice originated merely a year ago, in a backyard shack during one fateful California summer.

Each one-of-a-kind item is a multi-faceteted amalgamation of the designers’ intricate, self-taught techniques— involving sewing, knitting, and embroidery.

We were proud to have Effie Bones’ work displayed and sold at HSF this season, as this designer is sure to be one to rise swiftly.

Effie Bones’ garments are garner inspiration from “utilitarianism, athletics, and play”, and the designer considers each piece “a vivid adornment for the queer form [that] acts as a platform for interdisciplinary engagement.”


“Emerging from a dance practice, my clothing naturally extends from my performative priorities in lucid expressions, private perversions, and a flirtation with dominant standards of watching and being watched.”


Find more from Effie Bones’ archive of attire on the artist’s instagram, and see what new items might attract your eye on their BigCartel.

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