Welcome to the world of Meulien, a New York City-based independent jewelry brand where handcrafted pieces empower your inner confidence and ignite your unique style. Founded by Young Meng, a former judge with a passion for artistry, Meulien isn’t just about adornment; it’s about igniting your inner flame.

From Law to Art: A Journey of Passion

Young’s story is one of transformation. While he found success in the legal world, his heart yearned for a different kind of expression. Since childhood, he’s been drawn to the magic of creation, disassembling and reassembling clocks and speakers, exploring painting, and mastering graphic design. This innate curiosity led him to Parsons School of Design, where he honed his skills and discovered his true calling: jewelry design.

A Fusion of Influences, A Symphony of Style

Inspired by his legal background, Young’s designs carry a bold, powerful spirit. Think symmetrical forms, clean lines, and contrasting colors that echo the strength and confidence he honed in the courtroom. But his influences extend beyond law, drawing on the elegance of Art Nouveau, the glamour of Art Deco, and the modern simplicity of minimalism. The result? Jewelry that’s both daring and timeless, a reflection of Young’s multifaceted perspective.

A Labor of Love, Crafted with Care

Meulien is not just a brand; it’s an extension of Young’s passion. He embarked on a meticulous training journey, mastering jewelry sketching, stone setting, casting, wax carving, and even 3D modeling. Every piece is handcrafted in Paris and New York, infused with his dedication and meticulous attention to detail.

In 2023, Young took Meulien beyond the studio, setting up shop at the vibrant Hester Street Fair. The response was immediate and heartwarming. Customers, both local and international, were drawn to the unique designs and Young’s captivating story. This human connection fuels his passion, allowing him to build relationships with jewelry lovers, influencers, and buyers, each interaction enriching his journey and solidifying his vision.

More Than Jewelry, It’s an Experience

Meulien is more than just beautiful objects; it’s an experience. It’s about discovering your inner strength, embracing your individuality, and connecting with a passionate artist who pours his heart into every creation. So, are you ready to meet Meulien? Explore our collections, discover your perfect piece, and join a community where jewelry transcends adornment and becomes a reflection of your empowered self.