Margarita Bresoeva launched her handcrafted jewelry business at the Hester Street Fair in 2023 and was determined to hit the ground running. Receiving a warm welcome from our community, Margot and Valentina became a consistent vendor throughout 2023, and one to certainly watch in 2024. Her collections come from organically-discovered inspirations and her pieces are made from freshwater pearls, natural gemstones, and Swarovski crystals.

With a background in finance and trading, and math being her strong suit, it wasn’t until the summer of ‘22 that Margarita created her first collection on Fire Island to support her daughters’ charity. Almost the entire collection sold and the rush solidified that this was her true passion. That fall, Margot and Valentina jewelry was created. Both names, Valentina and Margot are after her late mother who was the most creative person she’s ever known.

Margarita is the sole designer and crafter of her pieces. She finds inspiration everywhere she goes and never sketches a design. “I like to lay out all my materials on my dining table and see what can come out.” She carefully selects her materials, gets her tools, and gets to crafting. Sometimes the results may surprise her and that is what makes the process so much more satisfying. Most of her designs are one-of-a-kind pieces as a way to keep her passion rooted as a form of art.

“In the spring of ‘23, Hester Street Fair allowed me to officially launch my business and to introduce myself to NYC and its visitors. My creations were very well received and I had great success the entire season at Hester. I love interacting with my customers in person and talking about my pieces. I find selling in person extremely rewarding. I get to tell my customers the story behind each piece, where the crystals, pearls, or stones came from, and what inspired me to create it. In addition, I met some amazing vendors at Hester and the learning experience was invaluable.”

You can shop Margot and Valentina next at the Hester Street Fair from January 18th – January 21st, 2024 at our 18 Fulton Pop-Up. Her designs currently sell in stores on Long Island and Connecticut, as well as her newly launched Etsy Store Margot and Valentina.