Hester Street Fair Presents The Protest T-Shirt Show


We asked our favorite NYC artists to design a t-shirt that captures the chaotic political climate around them. All design contributions will be available for purchase at a week-long pop-up shop; proceeds will go the ACLU.

A collaboration between WANTED (David Komurek), VERSION (Chad Phillips), and SPECIAL THANKS LLC (Julia Blewitt and Maria Rynn); Presented by Hester Street Fair.

Shirts are printed on-site, using plastisol ink heat transfer, and sold in-store and online for the duration of the show. T-Shirts provided by Everybody : Made in an ethical factory in South Los Angeles, from 100% Recycled Cotton and will be available in different colors and styles. Price: $45.

Contributors: Anna Williams, Arvid Logan, Ben Schechter, Blazer Sound System, Brian Degraw, Commed, Curtis Kulig, Danielle Kroll, Downtown Basketball Girls, Dylan Kraus, Elise McMahon, Elizabeth Jaeger, Georgia, Hans Seeger, Hisham Bharoocha, India Menuez, Jayne Lies, JK5, Joel Dean, Joshua Citarella, Kiki Kudo, Lizzie Bougatsos, Marc Hundley, Marcela Gutiérrez, Masspop, Miho Hatori, Mike Davis,  My Pal the Crook, Nick Poe, Nick Demarco, Nicole Reber, Paul Budnitz, Raina Hamner, RockersNYC, Sam Bornstein, Sex Magazine, Susan Willmarth, ThreeAsFour, Various Projects Inc, Venus X, Will Work For Good, Xavier Schipani.


Live Performances: Kiki Kudo, Georgia, RockersNYC, Venus X and Blazer Sound System broadcasting live on Know-Wave radio: