With The Casual Art Fair, HSF aims to play with the context of the contemporary art fair, to create an affordable space for galleries, project spaces, collectives, and experimental retail projects to gather outdoors in a truly public space and share their most current excitements, artists, and projects. We have a unique group of partipants including….

99CentPlusGallery, Apostrophe NYC, Beverly’s, ChisoNYC, cMYLOOK,  Essex Flowers, Fresh Materials Floating Gallery, GOODS, Hat Line, helper, Inpatient Press, LikeMindedObjects, LilDeb’sOasis, Metropolitan Structures, Le Cheboigon @ Moiety, Mater Soap, New Release Gallery, Orgy Park, Perfect Nothing Catalog, Pinlord, Raw Material NYC, Rude Collective, Samurai, Small Spells, SomethingHappeningShop, Sorry Archive, Tapley, yours mine & ours. & Performances by Casper Television, Boiled Wool, DROOIDS, Paul McMahon, Richie Quake, Sacred Elevators & more TBA. After gathering At Beverly’s!










99CENTPLUSGALLERY presents Instinventions, a performative project by Aria McManus & Raine Trainor. Instinventions is just that, INSTANT INVENTIONS! Each invention is created on the spot in under 5 minutes. Comes complete with product description and signed title tar from the artists. Come get yours!

APOSTROPHE NYC’s installation at The Casual Art Fair will feature 12 new works by the Base 12 artists: Caslon Bevington, Ryan Bock, Morell Cutler, Alana Dee Haynes, Kolter Hodgson, Charlie Hudson, The Love Child, Julia Powers, James Reyes, James Rubio, Bruno Smith and Sei Smith. The installation will explore scale and allow viewers to reimagine the classically tight and limited space of a booth as a walk in model of an expansive site boasting a 432-foot wall.

BEVERLY’S, the LES community art bar, will be showing work by CJ Brazelton,
Alta Buden & Cristina Tufiño. They will also host us for an after gathering Sunday evening.

BLAZER SOUNDSYSTEM is the “blissed-out brainchild” of Colorado-born, NYC-based duo Zebrablood (Nathan Corbin) and Rainstick (Tony Lowe). Playing mostly Reggae off vinyl, Blazer will be lounging in the Moiety tent dropping beats between all the live acts.

BOILED WOOL is the performance and installation project of artist Cynthia Chang.

CASPER TELEVISION is the band of Sei Smith, Bruno Smith, Eli Coston & Fay Tsakas.

CHISONYC is a New York based food project. CHI-SO means “earth layers” in Japanese & their cooking style is based on Traditional Japanese food with strong aesthetic awareness.

CMYLOOK is the collaborative project of clothing designer Enky B & Photographer Tomm R. Bringing the freshest energy towards dressing, capturing, and activating crowds wherever they go.

DROOIDS and electro trio, described as improv techno w a heavy dose of free jazz noise.

ESSEX FLOWERS is a New York City based artist-run cooperative project space.  Their booth will display the work of Rachel Domm and Nancy Smith. Rachel Domm’s ceramics are based on common “snack” shapes (crackers, pretzels, chips.) Through this tongue-in-check vernacular Domm finds forms that are immediately both abstract and literal.
Nancy Smith will exhibit 2 works, both which employ contemporary painting practices of process and appropriation with in the vocabulary of the more marginalized practice of quilt making.

GOODS is a collective booth organized by artists Lizzi Bougatsos & Lily Ludlow.

HAT_LINE is an accessories brand about language, created by artists Isabel Flower and Marcel Rosa-Salas.

helper is an artist-run studio and project space in Brooklyn.

IMPATIENT PRESS is a small press that focuses on experimental works and innovative book forms. They publish books, zines, how to guides and overhead transparencies. They will have books for sale as well print ephemera and bags to give away.

LIKEMINDEDOBJECTS is the project of Artist/Designer Elise McMahon, creating spaces, objects, & collaborative events.  Sunday LMO will host artists works in the LikeMindedSculptureGarden in the HSF grassy back zone w works by Katie Stout, Isabel Wilson &  The Wild Sumac Fountain from the Perfect Nothing Catalog.

LILDEB’SOASIS is an artist run restaurant and creative project from Hudson NY.  At their booth expect the tastiest tropical comfort food, juices, and good vibes.

METROPOLITAN STRUCTURES will present a project by Stefanie Hammann and Maria von Mier, two Munich-based artists working as Hammann von Mier since 2012.

LE CHEBOIGON @ MOIETY is a gallery and project space in Brooklyn hosting exhibitions, performance, and food activations. Expect fresh grilled food, colorful bagged juices and a lounge with music provided by BLAZER SOUNDSYSTEM.

MATER SOAP, founded by Addison Walz and Sarah Heslip in Red Hook, Brooklyn, Mater Soap is the union of knowledge from their respective fields of natural dyes and pigments in textile design and Chinese herbal medicine.

NEW RELEASE GALLERY will be hosting a Sample Sale booth with Joe Kay &

ORGY PARK‘s booth is co-curated by Craig Poor Monteith and Steve Mykietyn.  They present works by Nick Atkins, Elizabeth Ferry, Dan Conway, Chris Dunlap, Iren Handschuh, Tom Koehler, Dylan Languell, Jenny Lee, Paul McMahon, Nancy Drew Carey Gallery, Zuriel Waters.

PAUL MCMAHON will grace us with his Rock n’ Roll Therapist Performance. Come with your problems! PM Kindly brought to us by Orgy Park.

RUDE COLLECTIVE / PINLORD is an art and fashion collective started by four ill-mannered females.  At the booth they will be slinging RUDE merch from recent projects, from scent maps to wet vessels to bedazzled gear for the uber-feminist, not to mention a bunch of rude swag, zines and curated reading material. Also joined by the almighty PINLORD, Instagram’s enamel pin royalty. 🙂

Orchard Street’s RAW MATERIAL NYC  is a the resourcefully minded collaborative restaurant of Chef Sandy Dee Hall of Black Tree & Elise McMahon of LikeMindedObjects.  For this booth Sandy will serve up Fresh Oysters w a Black Pepper Granita.

RICHIE QUAKE is an R&B/Pop Singer and producer from Brooklyn. Quake’s sound has been described as “futuristic bedroom R&B” inspired by a wide range of topics, dealing with a spectrum of emotion. RQ was kindly brought to us by SHIPPING.

SACRED ELEVATORS a music project by Matt Mcauly.

SAMURAI NY is a concept clothing & skate brand, for this booth they will host work by Billy Rohan & Jay Riggio.

SMALL SPELLS the project of artist and healer Rachel Howe, here she will sell her custom deck of tarot cards and guidebook while also giving Tarot reading lessons in trade for the student to give her a reading in return.

SOMETHING HAPPENING SHOP is an art project, clothing brand and collaborative store.  There will be a retail booth and Yoga Presentation of their Fall Collection at 430pm Sunday afternoon.

SORRY ARCHIVE is a curatorial project and a platform for exhibitions that use alter egos and format-based constraints to produce an ever-shifting series of events. Sorry Archive foregrounds a new project by Miao Jiaxin, daring performance artist, unlicensed massage therapist, Airbnb jailer, and infamous Chinese businessman. His piece, developed specifically for Casual Art Fair, expands on motifs from his past work with his signature mischievous humor and insight into the paradoxical dynamics of public space.

TAPLEY is a project brand by artist/designer Elizabeth Whitcolm.  She will sell her primitively shaped silver pieces of jewelry Sunday.

yours mine & ours gallery shows emerging contemporary artists.