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Apr 28


Hester Street Fair's Saturday Market

Best selection of NYC's artisanal fashion, art, jewelry, crafts, music, and food vendors

Saturday Street Market Hester Street Fair

May 05


Hester Street Fair's Cinco De Mayo Celebration

Hester Street Fair honors Mexican culture with Cinco De Mayo L.E.S. style

Saturday Street Market Hester Street Fair

May 06


Hester Street Fair Presents Cultural Traffic

London based Cultural Traffic print publishing fair will have its second New York edition this May during NY Frieze week

Special Event Hester Street Fair

May 12


Hester Street Fair's Dog Day

Bring your dog down for a celebration of four-legged best friends

Saturday Street Market Hester Street Fair
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Iced Coffee Competition at Hester Street Fair Summer 2017

Our Iced Coffee Competition was a hit this year! Check out some photos for a recap from our most caffeinated Saturday yet.

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Hester Street Fair

Hester Street Fair is located in the heart of the Lower East Side – on the historic grounds of what, at the turn of the century, was New York City’s largest pushcart market. The Hester Street Fair pays homage to it’s strong neighborhood roots by bringing together a collection of the city’s best vendors in a bustling outdoor marketplace.


Corner of Hester and Essex

F J M Z to Delancey

F to East Broadway


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